The OpenFMB Users Group for UCA International will be organizing its 3rd Plugfest later this year. The foremost event on grid edge interoperability and distributed intelligence will take place in Detroit on May 21-23, 2024 and will be hosted by one of the leading utilities in the field, DTE Energy.

OpenFMB PlugFest 3.0

The event once again is expected to draw utilities from across North America, product vendors from across the industry spectrum, technology providers such as OES, and government research labs. The primary focus for this year's plugfest is around testing the new OpenFMB data model v2.2, which includes integration of EV chargers and smart charge management. Past functional areas (e.g., grid codes and DER Integration) could be demonstrated as well. As with previous plugfests, Open Energy Solutions (OES) is playing a key role in the planning and operations of the event.

______________________________________________________________ Highlights from the OpenFMB Plugfest 2.0

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