Digitally Transforming the Electric Grid

Through its products and services, OES helps utilities and utility customers realize value from advanced and emerging technologies that are dramatically altering the way today's grid and associated markets operate.

OpenFMB Adapter Open Source Release

OES offers an open source release of its adapter and associated tools for customizing, configuring, deploying, and visualizing OpenFMB solutions. This first of its kind toolset, has been developed and tested across numerous types of end devices, gateways, and grid systems from various vendors. It is compliant with v2 of the OpenFMB data model.
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Grid Integration Services OES offers Grid Integration Services including operational integration, IT/OT convergence, and the internet of things (IoT). OES resources are uniquely positioned to address the convergence of utility operational, computing, and telecom platforms to deliver solutions that utilize modern architectures for the industry.
Consulting Services OES provides conventional consulting services to more comprehensively support grid transformation. OES' delivery expertise and a diverse array of additional skills and experience ensure a strategic and comprehensive service offering for clients.
Transformational Technology Services OES leverages its broad technical competencies and deep industry acumen to drive significant positive change in the utility industry. Through efforts such as the OpenDSP distributed intelligence platform or the OpenFMB Adapter Ecosystem, OES is transforming the way energy is generated, delivered, and used.
OpenFMB Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB) provides unparalleled interoperability for grid devices, using peer-to-peer communications technology. OES issists utilities with OpenFMB solutions today and works with equipment providers to develop enhanced capabilities for the future.
The Open Distributed Systems Platform (OpenDSP) – Execution at the Edge™ OES leads the development of a new utility-sponsored, open source platform collaboration. OpenDSP (working name) fills a critical gap between large traditional software vendors with proprietary solutions and start-ups with fresh new ideas for operating or participating with the grid. The platform will address existing challenges experienced by utilities including: performance, scalability, adaptability, solution cost, and time to implement.
Latest News
Thursday, June 18th 2020
Virtual Utility Summit 2020
In June, 2020, OES participated in the Virtual Utility Summit 2020 put together by Cisco Systems and Burns & McDonnell to fill the educational void left by a number of cancelled and postponed industry events. Wade Malcolm introduced the Open Distributed Systems Platform (OpenDSP).
Monday, March 2nd 2020
OES at Power & Energy Conference
OES participated in one of the last in person conferences held “pre-pandemic.” Wade Malcolm of OES presented on Virtualization as part of the Fundamentals Session held at the Power & Energy Conference in Seattle in early March, 2020. A copy of the presentation can be obtained by clicking the above image. More information on the Power & Energy Conference can be found at
Thursday, January 17th 2019
Avista, Duke Energy Invest in Grid-Edge Software to Deliver Benefits to Customers
Avista Development, owned by Avista Corp. and Duke Energy, has announced a joint investment in Open Energy Solutions Inc. (OES) to develop open source software for grid-edge technology solutions.
Digitally Transforming the Grid
Execution at the Edge™