Mark Gustafson
President, Avista Development, Inc / Director Strategic Investments, Avista Corp.
As a graduate of Northwestern University, M.Sc. Data Science and the University of Washington with a B.Sc. in Mathematic...
John Gibson
Director Innovation Lab And Chief R&D Engineer, Avista Corporation
John Gibson is the Director of Avista’s Innovation Lab and Chief Research & Development Engineer at Avista, and leads th...

Duke Energy

Casey O. Reedy
Corporate Development Director, Duke Energy
Casey Reedy serves as a director of corporate development for Duke Energy. In this position, he is responsible for the c...
Zachary Kuznar
Managing Director of Grid Solutions Development, Duke Energy
Zachary Kuznar works as the Managing Director of Grid Solutions Development for Duke Energy. Previously he worked on de...


Tetsuo Yamada
General Manager, IT Business Section No.2, IT Business Department, ICT Division, ICT & Financial Business Company, ITOCHU Corporation
Tetsuo Yamada is General Manager, IT Business Section No.2, Information Technology Business Department, ICT Division, I...
Paul Kawamoto
Director Corporate Development Dept., ITOCHU Corporation
Paul Kawamoto is Director, Corporate Development Department at ITOCHU Corporation. He is responsible for creating ITOCH...
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