Don Evans
Vice President, Software Engineering and Delivery

Don has 30+ years of software, hardware, network, and systems engineering experience spanning design, architecture, development, leadership, and delivery. He has served in many roles within the network, telecom, IOT, test and measure, gaming platform, and utility industries. In the last 15 years, Mr. Evans has demonstrated the ability to recruit and develop engineering teams and organizations, while managing budgets and schedules and delivering complex products, enterprise solutions, and infrastructure projects. Don continually adapts and deploys new development patterns as warranted (e.g. Agile practices, cloud architectures, CI/CD). His background allows him to bridge the gap between engineering teams, executive staff, and other business entities to develop and execute a corporate strategy.


After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in computer science and mathematics, Mr. Evans spent the first half of his career in the Silicon Valley as a software engineer working mainly in the networking & telecom and test & measurement verticals. Don has experience working for more established companies, as well as working in smaller less structured start-up environments. He was able to work for or with companies such as ROLM Systems, NetManage, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Intel, Zygo, and L3 during the expansion and commercialization of the internet, micro technologies, and other associated wireless advancements. The Evans' family then moved to Eastern Washington to be closer to family. Don used this opportunity to utilize his engineering skills and team leadership experience to focus more on system architecture, team building, and organizational leadership. At DigiDeal Corp., Don was hired as a hands-on manager / architect and built the development organization to over 35 staff members including software, mechanical, electrical engineers, and supporting staff to redesign and develop the gaming system hardware and software platforms and products. During his tenure at Ecova (Engie Corp.), Don played key roles in recruiting and restructuring the software engineering organization. He led a 70 plus member engineering staff and the primary business operational systems and client facing portal. These software systems enabled multisite national and regional fortune 500 companies to better manage their energy utilization and maximize utility cost savings.

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