Michael Burck
Vice President, Services

Michael Burck has close to 25 years of experience within the utility industry. He has led many strategic, product development, and project delivery initiatives across all industry segments, but his focus over the last 15 years is the digitization and transformation of electric delivery and grid operations.


Mr. Burck initial roles were providing consulting services to the industry, primarily the North American market. He then pivoted to establishing a delivery capability and overseeing a large portfolio of projects across a product company’s global customer base. He is now responsible for development of technologies associated with distributed intelligence and interoperability at the edge of distribution grids. He will also oversee the design and deployment of solutions for customers involving OES’ products.

Previous Assignments and Credentials

  • VP of Delivery & Operations, Americas at OMNETRIC Group
  • Senior Manager within North American Utilities at Accenture
Digitally Transforming the Grid
Execution at the Edge™