OES has been entrusted to develop an open source, distributed platform, filling a gap between the large traditional software vendors with proprietary solutions and start-ups with fresh ideas. Our solution is the utility-lead platform collaboration, Open Distributed System Platform or OpenDSP.

Platform Development Support

The Open Distributed System Platform or OpenDSP (working name) is a utility-led collaboration. OpenDSP is comprised of a core open source software platform providing the key common services needed to support applications that plan for, manage and operate assets. These assets may exist on utility transmission and distribution systems as well as customer or third-party assets within a customer premise. The platform services allows for seamless interaction as desired by the application provider or the asset owners and operators. OpenDSP is designed to scale from the smallest customer owned to the very largest largest investor owned utility.

Potential of an OpenDSP DI-Enabled Platform

OpenDSP addresses gaps in today’s DMS, ADMS, and DERMS solutions with better interoperability and Distributed Intelligence (DI). It allows for effective integration of dissimilar hardware and gives equal access to software vendors. The modern OpenDSP architecture leverages OpenFMB for interoperable device participation and provides the services necessary to reinvent solutions for grid operation that reduce the reliance on state estimation and centralized control. This radically new, efficient form of control for grid devices, enables new business models and use cases through the quantification and realization of stacked benefits. By leveraging OpenDSP, distributed energy resources such as DR, solar PV and energy storage are much easier for the utility to integrate which reduces costs, shrinks the time to interconnect and even may incentivize increases in DER penetration. Additionally these resources can become a significant contributor to increasing utilization of electric system assets.

With OpenDSP, true advanced distribution planning becomes possible, accelerating interconnection processes, and supporting an orderly transition to enhanced distributed operations. The DI-enabled OpenDSP platform will ultimately replace many existing operational systems, and provide new transformational benefits not currently available in the market. Today, OpenDSP can enhance existing DMS, ADMS, and DERMS solutions by providing capability not available in those products.

Digitally Transforming the Grid
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