Decentralization and distributed intelligence (DI) is transforming grid operations across the industry. OES is helping utilities and end users realize value from emerging technologies that are dramatically altering the way today's grid and associated markets would operate.

Transformational Technology

Starting with today and increasing over time, there are a few challenges related to operating grids (especially distribution): variability of distributed energy resources, volume, latency, as well as autonomous assets: individual (e.g., controllable distribution & consumer devices) and group (e.g., microgrid).

Technology Transfer works through the deployment, integration, and augmentation of advanced electrical capabilities (e.g., edge automation, smart grids, self-healing network) and more general technology trends (e.g., IoT, interoperability, cybersecurity).

Open Energy Solutions is a key contributor to assessing the situation and advising clients with respect to the problems and opportunities firsthand. It is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions in this area.


  • Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB™)
  • Open Distributed Systems Operations Portfolio (OpenDSO™)


Containerized Security for ESS

  • Develop a reference implementation for container orchestration at the local, device level
  • Support testing and demonstration
  • Provide subject matter experts (SME) on broader industry implementation

Networked Microgrid Collaboration

  • Facilitate integrated solution amongst various technology partners to model collaboration applications.
  • Document use cases and test case scenarios
  • Verify ability to achieve multpile benefit streams
  • Build simulation environment for testing/demo purposes

Microgrid Coordination Services

  • Develop an application to autonomously manage a heterogenous microgrid environment without centralized or point-to-point integration.
  • System balance load and generating devices (including renewables) plus handle Islanding/Resync

Sampling of Capabilities

  • Technology Prioritization, Evaluation, & Testing
  • Market, Landscape, & Competitive Analysis
  • Business Modeling & Risk Assessment
  • Solution Architecture & Development
  • Process & Standards Development
  • IT/OT System Integration
  • Configuration
  • Custom Development
Digitally Transforming the Grid
Execution at the Edge™